Current version 1.1.1

Here you will find everything you need to build. All data is also published on GitHub:

In the GitHub, you can find the older files in particular, in case you need access to the old files again.

IMPORTANT – PTT and mute function

If you want to use the FreeVario’s mute function, you need to have at least the FreeVario image from 20295 installed on your OpenVario. In addition, at least firmware V.1.1.1 must be installed on the sound board as well as on the display board. If you are using the sound board with the 3-pin connector on the back, but without the diode D1, a small change has to be made here. Please write me about this by email (


new OpenVario-Image incl. XCSoar 7.0_preview15 and incl. FreeVario driver

Installation file for XCSoar incl. FreeVario

Gerber files for the PCBs

3D printing files for the housing

Binaries to Programm the two ESP32

 Source code

Manual und list of materials