Current version of FreeVario: 1.2

New in V 1.2:

– an update can now be done for both ESPs via WiFi (OTA)

New in V1.1.5 (OpenVario image from at least 22193 required):

– Attenuation (ATT) adjustable in the menu between 0 and 3

– Altitude and speed settings, as well as damping rate and mute settings are stored in the device

– After the OpenVario crashes, the devices synchronize again

Here you will find everything you need to build. All data is also published on GitHub:

In the GitHub, you can find the older files in particular, in case you need access to the old files again.

Difference between the original image and the FreeVario image for the OpenVario:

– XCSoar is included in the latest trial version

– Kedder’s main menu is included

– the FreeVario driver is included

– the driver for radio devices Becker AR62xx is included

– the programs i2sdetect and chattr are included

– From version 22164 the LTE stick Huawei3372h-320 is implemented

– from version 22005 optimized so that switching between STF and Vario mode works correctly when using the FreeVario together with the stick remote control. Of course, the images can still be used without FreeVario, but then other settings must be used to use the stick remote control. The exact procedure is described in the assembly instructions.

new OpenVario-Image incl. XCSoar 7.29, the new menu and FreeVario driver for the classic OpenVario

new OpenVario-Image incl. XCSoar 7.29, the new menu and FreeVario driver for the OpenVario DS2

Video instructions for programming the ESPs

Documentation for building a control unit with buttons and rotary encoder