NFC reader for automatic start detection

The NFC reader developed by us offers the possibility of fully automating the registration of takeoffs at Not only the take-off and landing time as well as the take-off and landing location are recorded, as before, but also the name of the pilot.

The pilot logs in with an NFC tag before take-off. If another pilot then wants to fly the plane, he logs in and the last pilot is replaced by the current one. With the help of pressure sensors from AMSYS, the dynamic pressure is recorded and the device can recognize when the aircraft has taken off. The license plate and the NFC ID are then sent to the server via GPRS. If the transmission via GPRS is unsuccessful, the same information is sent to the server via SMS. The server can assign the pilot’s name to the NFC ID and first enters the information in a local database. The take-off and landing time as well as take-off and landing locations are recorded from the OGN and also entered into the database. The entries are transferred from the server to the starting list of

Installing the device is very easy. In addition to the power supply of 12V, it is necessary to connect the static pressure and dynamic pressure. In addition, a device, e.g. the radio, can be connected to the NFC reader so that it cannot be switched on until the NFC tag has been recognised. This ensures that the pilots also use the system, which is particularly necessary for club use. The small circuit board required to read the NFC tag can be hidden somewhere in the cockpit. If the installation location is marked with the typical NFC symbol, operation is child’s play.

If the NFC tag is recognized correctly, the pilot is informed by an acoustic signal. If an additional optical signal is required, an LED can be connected.

The settings and the import of updates are carried out conveniently via WLAN.

Advantages over other systems:

The system will be tested in the coming season and then offered here in our shop.