Here you can buy the following individual parts or a completely ready-to-use FreeVario:

  • Displayboard (completely assembled, without ESP32)
  • Displayboard (only board, without components and ESP32)
  • Soundboard (only board, without components and ESP32)
  • Encoder board (only board, without components)
  • ESP32 (without programming)
  • Sine wave generator (sound generation)
  • Display
  • Speaker
  • Front panel as 3D printing
  • Middle part as 3D printing
  • Body housing as 3D printing
  • Micro USB connector as 3D printing
  • Complete kit
  • fully operational FreeVario
We do not currently have all the prices, so we cannot make any specific offers yet.
Please write an email to if you need anything. I already have a few things in stock.